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March 2021 Functional Forum: Reinvention Part 3: The Gut MicroBiome, Enzymes and Toxins


  • Dr. Tom O’Bryan
  • Dr. Kristine Burke

Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce our next Functional Forum event, the third in our series focused on reinvention.

In the January Forum, we looked at key areas of reinvention in medicine, including clinical focus and payment models. In February, we talked about the central role of gut health and how it can impact systemic transformation. This month, we’re going to go deeper into the reinvention of medicine with two functional medicine experts, and then talk about how to scale up the message.

Our first guest is Dr. Tom O’Bryan, who has been one of the leading educators in functional medicine for decades. Dr. O’Bryan will be discussing the gut microbiome, practical ways to reset the gut microbiome, and his philosophy and best practices for creating sustainable health amidst the reinvention of chronic disease.

Dr. Kristine Burke has been practicing functional medicine for more than two decades and is also the host of the Folsom Functional Forum meetup. She is an expert on how toxicity affects our health. In this interview, she discusses four different ways in which toxins affect gut function and overall health.

As we wrap up open enrollment for the Practice Accelerator, James will be sharing how practitioners in our Practice Accelerator community are closing the educational gap and building strong, resilient practices to power the reinvention of medicine. We look forward to seeing you there!