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November 2022 Functional Forum: Health Goes Viral

November 2022 Functional Forum: Health Goes Viral

  •    Chris D'Adamo, PhD
  •    Lisa Koche, MD
  •    Kelly Brogan, MD
  •    Teresa Iribarren, MD

Lisa Koche, MD Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce our first live Forum in Miami since 2016! With its rapid growth, booming economy, strong health and health-tech focus, we are really excited to not only bring our live show back to Miami, but to relaunch the local Functional Forum practitioner community there.

Joining us for this special event are four practitioners with unique backgrounds and perspectives. Dr. Kelly Brogan is a holist psychiatrist and author. She was our very first guest on the Functional Forum and will join us again in Miami to discuss her perspective on chronic disease reversal, based on her decade of experience helping patients get off psychiatric medication.

Dr. Teresa Iribarren a board-certified specialist in internal medicine, assistant professor and expert in disease reversal using lifestyle modification.

Dr. Chris D'Adamo is an epidemiologist with expertise in the synergistic effects of healthy lifestyle practices on human health and wellness. He is the Director for the Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine where he has led numerous interventional studies of nutrition, physical activity, stress management modalities, and other modifiable lifestyle factors. Dr. D'Adamo has also brought his expertise in the application of research methods to the field of functional medicine in serving as a senior research advisor to the Institute for Functional Medicine. Of further relevance, he emerged as an advisor to Governor Ron DeSantis as Florida implemented the most health-focused policy ever launched by a government entity, HealthierYou. While the rest of the world focused exclusively on vaccines and lockdowns, Dr. D'Adamo will share examples of how Florida exemplified a more comprehensive approach to public health in promoting lifestyle medicine and healthy supplementation as part of a more sustainable solution to the viral pandemic.

Dr. Lisa Koche, is a leading functional and integrative physician from the Tampa region. Having run a successful integrative practice for more than a decade, Dr. Koche is also a sought-after speaker, and has presented on some serious stages, including that of Tony Robbins. She will share some of her pioneering work using a deep clinical toolkit to get to the root cause of complex chronic illness, her methodology and how she has uniquely combined not just modalities, but providers in a synergistic and effective way.

 November 07, 2022