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August 2015 Functional Forum

August 2015 Functional Forum

August 2015 Functional Forum

8:00 pm EST on Monday August 3rd, 2015

  • How do social relationships and community influence gene expression?
  • How can Functional Medicine address these sorts of concerns?
  • Who are the new players taking Functional Medicine forward and disrupting the current standard of care?
We are extremely excited to present a second Functional Forum in collaboration with the Institute for Functional Medicine. Filmed on location at the IFM’s Annual International Conference in May 2015, this Forum will focus on not only the emerging “Omics” Revolution, but also the implications of that new understanding for patient care. From emerging mainstream TV stars to an update from the Cleveland Clinic, we feature some of the big names and rising stars in Functional Medicine, especially those innovating business models and showing very clearly the “Future of Functional”.
The 90 minute show will also feature an extended session with George Slavich, PhD, whose talk was one the highlights of the conference looking at an emerging field: Social Genomics.

Keynote Speaker

George Slavich, PHD “Social Genomics” – How community and relationships influence gene expression.

Other Speakers and Guests Include

  • Mark Hyman, MD – Update from Cleveland Clinic
  • Rangan Chatterjee, MD – The GP of the Future
  • Shilpa Saxena, MD – Group Visits to Scale Functional
  • Tom O’Bryan, DC – Grabbing Your Career by the B@lls
  • and many more!


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