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February 2016 Functional Forum

February 2016 Functional Forum

8:00pm EST on Monday February 1st, 2016

The Functional Forum is excited to present our first Functional Forum in Boulder, CO. Drawing on the amazing talent in the city of Boulder, we bring you speakers on the hottest topic in integrative and functional medicine: Gut Health.

Hear from leaders in the field as they look at the strategies, tools and modalities to help your patients achieve and maintain good gut function – with implications for the rest of the body and even our planet.

Our three keynote speakers draw from a range of backgrounds, representing the wide range of health professionals watching the Functional Forum around the globe.

Firstly, we welcome Boulder native Dr. Jill Carnahan, a leading Functional Medicine doctor and sought after speaker. She will share some of her tough GI cases and the strategies she has used to turn them around, as well as, the key learnings from those cases.

Marc David, also from Boulder, is Founder of the Institute for Psychology of Eating, one of the premier places on the web for the general public and health professionals to further their understanding of the cross section of nutrition, psychology, science and the soul.

Sayer Ji rounds off the keynotes with a discussion of what we can learn from the microbiome, not only for our own health, but also in our understanding of what it means to be human. Sayer is Founder of, working with a number of organizations dedicated to preserving health freedom and empowering medical evolution.

The three of them are joined on the live, interactive panel by two other Boulder transplants, leading pharmacist and NYT best selling author Dr. Izabella Wentz and founder Steven Wright.

Keynote Speaker

Jill Carnahan MD Clinical Case Studies for Tough GI Cases Marc David Digestion: A Mind-Body-Energy Approach Sayer Ji The Macro Implications of the Microbiome

Other Speakers Include:

Dr. Izabella Wentz Steven Wright  

Download Presenter's Slidedecks

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