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April 2020 Functional Forum: From Micro to Macro: Resolving the Chronic Disease Pattern Through Cellular Healing

+ Dr. Mark Hyman
+ Dr. Bob Naviaux
+ Dr. Andrew Heyman

The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce its 76th Functional Forum. From micro to macro, we will be looking across the healing spectrum to better understand the etiology of chronic disease patterns. Kicking us off is Dr. Mark Hyman, one of the foremost leaders in functional medicine. The last time we featured Dr. Hyman on the Forum, it was 2018 and we took a tour of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, a project he has spearheaded. In this episode, we will dive deeper into his new book Food Fix. His book examines what it will take to fix our food system, which has a direct and significant impact on our health at the macro level. If we don’t fix the food system, we can’t have a sustainable future and we can’t practice effective functional medicine.

Then we’re going to journey inside the mind of Dr. Bob Naviaux, who is a leading researcher in the field of mitochondrial and metabolic diseases. This content is taken from an amazing lecture he gave at a George Washington University event held last year in Dallas, TX. He shows us how this new understanding of the cell danger response can give us answers to some of the questions asked about chronic inflammatory conditions and autism.

Last but not least, Dr. Andrew Heyman, will talk about how to bring the cell danger response into clinical practice. This brings us to the micro level of understanding health, and how the health of our cells can have just as much significance as our food sources. Dr. Heyman will also share practical tools for empowering your patients to be part of the solution for our food system.

Evolution of Medicine is here for the full transformation of medicine and to provide information that’s important to clinicians, from the macro to the micro level.