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  • Louis Stephens posted an article
    September 2021 Functional Forum: The Reinvention of Mental Health: Addiction see more


    • Dr. Amy de la Garza
    • Dr. Paul Thomas
    • Dr. Aimie Apigian


    Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce the third in its series on the Reinvention of Mental Health. On the first show we looked at the foundation for this reinvention—the understanding of the gut-brain axis and a whole-person approach. On the second show, we focused on depression and the power of salutogenesis, and discussed new tools to solve the underlying causes of depression. In this third installment of the series, we're going to focus on a critical topic: addiction. Even before the pandemic, levels of substance abuse with medications like opiates were higher than ever and led to the first decrease in our life expectancy in more than a half-century. This has been accelerated by the pandemic, which has resulted in worse health outcomes and decimated support structures that kept people out of the medical system. 

    Joining James live will be Dr. Amy de la Garza, who's a family medicine physician in Salt Lake City, UT. In her functional medicine practice, Dr. de la Garza focuses on addiction medicine and works in some of the most innovative addiction clinics. She'll be sharing about her model and how she feels functional medicine can fit into future medicine.

    We will also have interviews with two leaders in addiction medicine. First, Dr. Aimie Apigian, who not only has a practice delivering this reinvention of addiction medicine, but also has created public education systems and summits on the future of addiction medicine. We'll also have an interview with Dr. Paul Thomas, who has written a book on addiction and has many successful, has a strong focus in his practice on addiction as well as running, until his license was suspended last year, an extremely successful pediatric practice in Portland, OR, with some of the lowest levels of chronic pediatric illness in the country.

    This will be a great episode and couldn't be timelier. Join us on September the 13th at 8pm EDT.

     September 13, 2021
  • Louis Stephens posted an article
    November 2021 Functional Forum: The Environment of Medicine see more

    • Robyn O'Brien
    • David Tusek, MD
    • Jill Carnahan, MD
    • Christopher Shade, PhD

    Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to come back to its original live format in Boulder, Colorado on November 1st. We have partnered with the Boulder Louisville Functional Forum Community, which is hosted by Quicksilver Scientific for this event. Whether you're watching at home or whether you're watching in one of our Functional Forum Communities, you'll be able to Tweet questions to #functionalforum and James will be able to ask your questions to the panel.

    At this event, we're going to hear from three incredible speakers who are all operating at the interface of environment and healthcare.

    First, we will have Robyn O'Brien. She shot to fame in 2011 with her Ted Talk emerging as an activist, showing how the American food system was creating chronic illness in our children. This led her to an incredible career where she is now one of the founders of Replant Capital, putting significant capital and resources behind farmers looking to switch to regenerative farming methods. She'll be sharing a little bit about that journey on the Forum.

    Then, Dr. David Tusek, who earlier this year was featured on our New Models podcast series. He was one of the first doctors in the country to move to a direct primary care model. In this talk, he's going to discuss what it really means to heal patients and what the right environment is in which healing can occur. Calling all of us to a higher level of service for our patients.

    Lastly, we'll have Dr. Jill Carnahan, one of the best-known environmental medicine specialists in functional medicine. She's going to be sharing some specific protocols and best practices for dealing with common environmental issues that you're seeing in your patients every day.

    Joining the speakers on the panel will be Dr. Christopher Shade who is founder of Quicksilver Scientific and the host of the Boulder Functional Forum Community.

  • Louis Stephens posted an article
    The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce its October Functional Forum focusing on immune... see more

    • Jim LaValle, RPh, CCN
    • Lara Zakaria, PharmD, CNS, CDN, IFMCP
    • Shilpa P. Saxena, MD, IFMCP

    The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce its October Functional Forum focusing on immune readiness and how pharmacists can become an important part of a health system that’s built on health creation. This episode of the Forum was recorded at the recent Functional Pharmacy Symposium, which featured not only leading clinical educators, but also pharmacists from across the country who are bringing functional medicine into their businesses in unique and innovative ways.

    Throughout the show, we'll bring you the best clinical content and show you the best way in which pharmacists are integrating with other practitioners and innovating in their own practices. There's value here for every type of practitioner.

    Our first speaker is Jim LaValle, a pharmacist and clinical nutritionist who has been a leading educator in the functional integrative medicine space for decades, and this is his first time on the Functional Forum. As well as having a segment of his lecture, we also did an interview with him where he focused on the hypercritical role of pharmacists in identifying and unwinding polypharmacy, and how particularly it reflects with COVID-19.

    Then we featured Lara Zakaria, a pharmacist and leading educator in the space and we've got some of the highlights from her session discussing drug-induced nutrient depletion to improve function in patients.

    Finally, we feature Dr. Shilpa P. Saxena who will be sharing some of the highlights of her powerful talk on adapting group models for weight loss and type 2 diabetes. She also shares her experience over the pandemic in shifting towards virtual models for groups.

  • Louis Stephens posted an article
    In May 2021, we hosted a live, in-person event in Austin, TX. With a large functional medicine pr... see more


    • Dr. Ann Shippy
    • Dr. Derek Guillory
    • James Maskell
    • Austin Functional Medicine Community

    Our live, in-person event in Austin, TX was a sold-out success. With a large functional medicine practitioner network and a strong sense of community, Austin was the perfect backdrop to launch the next phase of our plan to build sustainable practitioner communities around the world. We're so grateful for the practitioners who could join us live, and are looking forward to bringing that energy to future meetups.

    This month’s Functional Forum will share highlights from the event, including insight from mold and chronic disease expert Dr. Ann Shippy and cancer care innovator Dr. Derek Guillory.

  • Josiah Bartz posted an article
    August 2021 Functional Forum: The Reinvention of Mental Health: Depression see more


    • Dr. Erin Amato
    • Dr. Carrie Jones
    • Benjamin Rolnik

    The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce the next installment in our Reinvention of Mental Health series. This month, we will be discussing the complexities of depression and how functional integrative medicine practitioners can help patients struggling with this debilitating mental health challenge.

    Joining James live on the Forum will be Dr. Erin Amato, who runs an innovative mental health clinic in Montana. She is trained in functional medicine and is on the cutting-edge of targeted therapies to improve mental health.

    We’ll hear from Benjamin Rolnick, Director of Healthcare Innovation Lab at Stanford School of Medicine where their mission is to fix the broken healthcare system by bridging the gap between technology and medicine and provide breakthrough innovations to usher in a quantum leap in healthcare. Their goal over the next 5 years is to make precision healthcare an affordable reality across the world.

    We will also hear from Dr. Carrie Jones, a naturopathic physician who is the lead medical director at DUTCH Test. She will discuss stress, hormones and depression.

  • Louis Stephens posted an article
    July 2021 Functional Forum: The Reinvention of Mental Health see more


    • Dr. Jeffrey Bland
    • Dr. Helen Messier
    • Dr. Emeran Mayer

    This year, our theme at the Evolution of Medicine is the Reinvention of Medicine. In the early part of the year, we looked at how a lifestyle-first systems approach was critical to unwinding chronic diseases. We'll be doing a three-part series this summer called the Reinvention of Mental Health, which will focus on an area that is ready for disruption and where the strategies used in the field of functional medicine are critical.

    To kick off this series, we have none other than the godfather of functional medicine, Dr. Jeffrey Bland, who will be joining us live on the Forum to share his thoughts on how this lifestyle-focused approach can be applied to mental health and the recent literature showing the success of these kinds of approaches.

    Also joining us is Dr. Helen Messier, who holds an MD and PhD and is one of the leaders at the cross-section of genomics and functional medicine. She'll be sharing new information on the implications of the microbiome on mental health.

    Lastly, we will be joined by Dr. Emeran Mayer, MD, a gastroenterologist, lecturer, author, editor, neuroscientist and professor at UCLA. He is a leading light in his field, and he will be sharing some insights from his new book, The Mind-Gut Connection.

    This month’s Forum represents part one of our Reinvention of Mental Health, and in August and September, we will be continuing this theme with Forum topics focused on addiction and depression. Dr. Bland and I look forward to seeing you live on July 12th!



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    April 2020 Functional Forum: From Micro to Macro: Resolving the Chronic Disease Pattern Through Cell see more

    + Dr. Mark Hyman
    + Dr. Bob Naviaux
    + Dr. Andrew Heyman

    The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce its 76th Functional Forum. From micro to macro, we will be looking across the healing spectrum to better understand the etiology of chronic disease patterns. Kicking us off is Dr. Mark Hyman, one of the foremost leaders in functional medicine. The last time we featured Dr. Hyman on the Forum, it was 2018 and we took a tour of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, a project he has spearheaded. In this episode, we will dive deeper into his new book Food Fix. His book examines what it will take to fix our food system, which has a direct and significant impact on our health at the macro level. If we don’t fix the food system, we can’t have a sustainable future and we can’t practice effective functional medicine.

    Then we’re going to journey inside the mind of Dr. Bob Naviaux, who is a leading researcher in the field of mitochondrial and metabolic diseases. This content is taken from an amazing lecture he gave at a George Washington University event held last year in Dallas, TX. He shows us how this new understanding of the cell danger response can give us answers to some of the questions asked about chronic inflammatory conditions and autism.

    Last but not least, Dr. Andrew Heyman, will talk about how to bring the cell danger response into clinical practice. This brings us to the micro level of understanding health, and how the health of our cells can have just as much significance as our food sources. Dr. Heyman will also share practical tools for empowering your patients to be part of the solution for our food system.

    Evolution of Medicine is here for the full transformation of medicine and to provide information that’s important to clinicians, from the macro to the micro level.

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    May 2020 Functional Forum: Mitochondrial Medicine see more


    • Dr. Andrew Heyman
    • Dr. Christopher Mote
    • Dr. Shilpa P. Saxena

    The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce the 77th episode of the Functional Forum, “Mitochondrial Medicine.” We’re excited to return to a live format for this Forum—James will be hosting the event on the Functional Forum YouTube channel, and there will be time afterwards for questions.

    Last month, we brought you a lecture from Dr. Bob Naviaux on the cell danger response. This new mechanism informs not only a new understanding of how mitochondria work and how important they are to optimal health, but also builds on the rationale of using functional medicine to treat the chronic inflammatory diseases on the rise globally.

    With that framework in mind, in this episode we’re sharing more content from Dr. Andrew Heyman that was captured at a George Washington University event held last year in Dallas, TX. Dr. Heyman, one of the best-known educators in the functional medicine space, will lay the foundation for what mitochondrial medicine is and why we need to practice it. He will also discuss the specifics of mitochondrial biology and membrane fluidity.

    This episode will also feature Dr. Shilpa Saxena, another well-known educator in our space and founder of the Group Visit Toolkit. She will discuss the stress, heart and energy connection and explain how clinicians can best leverage this connection and its health implications in their practices.

    Last but not least, we will also feature Dr. Christopher Mote, a leading functional medicine clinician in Colorado. He will be sharing his wisdom on implementing mitochondrial medicine in a practice that takes both insurance and cash. He will also share how he built and sustains a hybrid practice. On the clinical side, he will discuss circadian rhythms and how they influence physiological resiliency.

    Make sure to tune in live on Monday, May 4th and have your questions ready!

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    July 2020 Functional Forum: Technology of Resilience see more


    • Dr. Molly Maloof
    • Dr. Cheng Ruan
    • Dr. Yael Joffe
    • Dr. Patrick Hanaway

    The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce the next Functional Forum event on the topic of resilience. We called 2020 the Year of Resilience and looking back over the first half of the year, resilience has become one of the most important topics out there, on many levels. Last month, we focused on immune resilience, and this month, we’re talking about the technologies of measuring and building health resilience. We will hear from leading physicians in the field who are driving the conversation on technology and how it can be used to build resilience.

    First, we’ll hear from Dr. Molly Maloof, a functional medicine physician and Stanford lecturer. She will share some of the technology and devices used to measure resilience, as well as organizations to look out for that are on the cutting edge of helping people achieve health resilience.

    Dr. Cheng Ruan, who is a leader in using technology to build resilience in his patients, will talk about how he uses group visits, and now virtual group visits, to create connection and community for his patients that are leading to positive health outcomes.

    We’ll also hear from Dr. Yael Joffe, who is a leader in the field of nutrigenomics. She will share how genetic testing is at the cornerstone of understanding our own unique resilience and how that can become part of the broader functional medicine conversation.

    Last but not least, we’ll hear from Dr. Patrick Hanaway, who has been spearheading the Institute for Functional Medicine’s COVID-19 response efforts, about how the technology of resilience plays into our understanding of the virus and what preventative steps patients can take to fortify their health resilience.

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    August 2020 Functional Forum: Community Resilience see more


    • Dr. Jeffrey Egler
    • John Weeks
    • Dr. Christopher Mote

    The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce the 80th Functional Forum on the topic of “Community Resilience.” Ever since we traveled to Cleveland Clinic back in December 2018 for a Functional Forum event, we’ve been keen to showcase the adoption of functional medicine into large medical institutions. This month, the Functional Forum comes from the corporate headquarters of Adventist Health in Roseville, CA

    Adventist Health is a significant healthcare system: It includes more than 20 hospitals and 300 clinics across four states on the west coast of America. As you’ll hear in the episode, it was founded by the Seventh Day Adventists, who are well-known for creating America’s only Blue Zone in Loma Linda, CA. Adventist Health has taken their commitment to community health to a whole new level by acquiring Blue Zones, an organization that certifies and organizes communities to become healthier based on the concept of the Blue Zones, popularized by Dan Buettner.

    Our keynote speaker for this month’s Forum is Dr. Jeffrey Egler, a certified functional medicine practitioner and former medical director at Parsley Health LA. With his extensive background in functional medicine, family medicine and bioinformatics, he was recruited by Adventist Health to help grow functional medicine within their healthcare system. In this interview, he will be sharing new developments in this project.

    Then, on the topic of community resilience, we will hear from John Weeks, who is the editor of the Journal of Applied Complementary Medicine. Last year, he guest-edited a special issue on group-delivered services and the many benefits of community care. Our interview with him comes from the Integrated Medicine for the Underserved conference, where he discussed all aspects of how group visits can aid in community resilience.

    Last but not least, we will feature an interview with Dr. Christopher Mote. Earlier this year, during the first stages of the pandemic, Dr. Mote gave an incredible interview on how he transitioned to virtual group visits, particularly virtual group visits for lab review, which is a significant innovation in the delivery of functional medicine.

    All these interviews will come together to showcase how functional medicine delivered within a community framework can be a focus for creating more resilient communities. We’re so excited to have the opportunity to showcase Adventist Health as a leader in the convergence of community health and functional medicine group visits.

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    November 2020 Functional Forum: The Politics of Functional Medicine see more


    • Andy Harris, MD
    • Timothy Frie
    • Paulette Jordan

    The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce its next Functional Forum, which falls the night before the US presidential election. The year 2020 has shown us that politics and medicine are inextricably linked not just in America, but around the world. In this episode, we will be looking at that connection and plotting a way forward for the functional and integrative medicine movement.

    Joining us, co-hosting live with James Maskell, will be Timothy Frie, who is the founder of the Reform Health Caucus, a new political action committee (PAC) with a goal of taking integrative and functional medicine forward by engaging candidates on the issues surrounding integrative health, health access, health equality, chronic disease and chronic disease reversal.

    We will also hear from politicians in the field. We’ll share an interview with Paulette Jordan, who is running for US Senate in Idaho, on her recent tour of Functional Medicine of Idaho. We had a chance to sit down with her and talk about politics, and why she’s so passionate about functional integrative medicine and why it must be involved at the political level.

    Finally, we will hear from Dr. Andy Harris, a congressman from Maryland and a physician. He will be talking about the cross-section of the supplement industry, politics and medical practice.

    In this episode, we will also explore how a win for either party in the US presidential election will affect functional integrative medicine in the years to come.

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    December 2020 Functional Forum: Your 2021 Detox Program see more


    • Liz Lyster, MD
    • Martha Southwick, NP
    • Shilpa Saxena, MD, IFMCP

    The Evolution of Medicine’s thrilled to announce our next Functional Forum on detoxification and hosting group detox events for your patients in 2021.

    We know that for many practitioners in functional integrative medicine, the first quarter of the year provides an opportunity to engage in the community in understanding toxins in all varieties, how they affect health, and what can be done to remove them. This Forum is an incredible opportunity to bring your community together and improve programs that have been around for decades.

    In this Functional Forum, we’ll be talking about why detoxification is an important part of functional medicine practice. We will also talk about signs and symptoms you might see in patients that would lead you to recommend a detoxification strategy. We will be speaking with practitioners and technologists in the field who are making it easy for practitioners to execute these ideas.

    We will hear from Dr. Liz Lyster and Dr. Martha Southwick, who each bring a unique perspective on this topic. We will be joined by Dr. Shilpa Saxena, creator of Group Visit Toolkits, to discuss the Healthy Weight for Life Group Visit Toolkit and how detoxification is a huge principle for jump starting weight loss. Also, we’ll discuss how you can implement these toolkits into your practice even with visits being virtual. We’ll be talking about how far the technology’s come and how it integrates with our partners Fullscript and Lifestyle Matrix Resource Center, and how they can make it easy for you to launch a program like this in 2021.

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    January 2021 Functional Forum:
    Reinvention Part 1: The Guts
    see more


    • Patrick Hanaway, MD
    • Vincent Pedre, MD
    • Miles Bodzin DC

    Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to kick off our Year of Reinvention with a Functional Forum looking into the key areas that we see medicine being reinvented. During the Forum, we will consider three significant aspects of the reinvention: the mindset, the clinical focus and the payment models.

    Our first guest will be Dr. Patrick Hanaway, who has played several key roles in evolving medicine, from Chief Medical Officer at Genova Diagnostics, to the Cleveland Clinic, to a passion for indigenous medicine. In the interview, we discussed the basis for reinvention including community, technology and real primary care.

    Our next guest is Dr. Vincent Pedre, a leading educator and physician focused on gut health. In this presentation, Dr. Pedre covers the evolution of his protocol for dysbiosis, including clinical tips and product recommendations. The protocol specifically showcases how to use nutraceuticals and lifestyle to counter the negative downstream effects of pharmaceutical antimicrobials that can leave patients cycling.

    Our final guest is Dr. Miles Bodzin, the creator of Dr. Bodzin shared how the “Four Fs” of retention changed his practice forever and how practitioners can execute cardiometabolic programs within their content partnership with Lifestyle Matrix Resource Center, one of our sponsors.

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    February 2021 Functional Forum: Reinvention Part 2: The Systems see more


    • Vincent Pedre, MD
    • Andrea McSwain, DO
    • Patricia Devers, DO

    Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce the second in its series on Reinventing Medicine. Last month, we talked about gut health and getting to the core of chronic gut issues. This month, we’re going to go a little bit deeper into how the health of your gut affects the health of the whole body.

    James will co-host with Dr. Andrea McSwain, who is not only the founder of the Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine, which now has four locations, but also a member of the Practice Accelerator. She will share her journey over the last four years to build this network of clinics in Michigan, and also share her insight on the clinical information from the other two presenters.

    Joining us will be Dr. Vincent Pedre, who last month shared his presentation on gut health and clinical tips and product recommendations for dysbiosis. This month, he is going to be giving a case study showcasing the protocol for reversing chronic dysbiosis.

    Our next guest is Dr. Patricia Devers, who is the chief clinical officer at Genova Diagnostics. In the interview, she really showcases how the health of our gut affects systemic health and all the ways in which gut health affects health outcomes.

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    March 2021 Functional Forum: Reinvention Part 3: The Gut MicroBiome, Enzymes and Toxins see more


    • Dr. Tom O’Bryan
    • Dr. Kristine Burke

    Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce our next Functional Forum event, the third in our series focused on reinvention.

    In the January Forum, we looked at key areas of reinvention in medicine, including clinical focus and payment models. In February, we talked about the central role of gut health and how it can impact systemic transformation. This month, we’re going to go deeper into the reinvention of medicine with two functional medicine experts, and then talk about how to scale up the message.

    Our first guest is Dr. Tom O’Bryan, who has been one of the leading educators in functional medicine for decades. Dr. O’Bryan will be discussing the gut microbiome, practical ways to reset the gut microbiome, and his philosophy and best practices for creating sustainable health amidst the reinvention of chronic disease.

    Dr. Kristine Burke has been practicing functional medicine for more than two decades and is also the host of the Folsom Functional Forum meetup. She is an expert on how toxicity affects our health. In this interview, she discusses four different ways in which toxins affect gut function and overall health.

    As we wrap up open enrollment for the Practice Accelerator, James will be sharing how practitioners in our Practice Accelerator community are closing the educational gap and building strong, resilient practices to power the reinvention of medicine. We look forward to seeing you there!