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January Functional Forum: Kicking Off the Year of Unity

January Functional Forum: Kicking Off the Year of Unity

Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce the first Functional Forum of 2024 on the theme of unity. In this coming year, we will explore a broad range of how unity is expressed in medicine, including:

  • Treating patients, rather than isolated symptoms
  • Finding commonalities between vitalistic health care practices
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration between clinicians, patients and various medical disciplines
  • In-person communities and group care
  • Technology integration, including aggregating and organizing data
  • Collaboration and interconnectedness through education and training

Our guest speaker will be Dr. Andrew Weil, who is a long-time advocate for integrative medicine. In his first-ever appearance on the Functional Forum, we’ll learn about his range of experiences that will directly apply to our mission at the Evolution of Medicine.

He is the founder and leader of a fellowship program for integrative medicine through the University of Arizona. You'll hear his vision and predictions for the future of medicine and his opinions about psychedelic medicine.

Our host, James Maskell, will also share his reflections on where we will find opportunities for unity consciousness in medicine.

 January 09, 2024