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September Functional Forum: A One-Woman Evolution of Medicine

September Functional Forum: A One-Woman Evolution of Medicine

Robin Berzin, MD

The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce our September 2023 Function Forum featuring a returning guest, Robin Berzin, MD, who is the founder and CEO of Parsley Health. Dr. Berzin was a keynote speaker on the second-ever Functional Forum and a keynote speaker for us at the kickoff of the first Evolution of Medicine summit in 2014.

This show will follow an atypical format that only focuses on one practitioner, featuring a conversation between James and Dr. Berzin recounting their ten years of friendship and a chronicle of Dr. Berzin’s journey through developing Parsley Health. Here’s a preview of her journey:

  1. Dr. Berzin started Parsley Health in 2015 using a micropractice model and working off of a laptop at a coworking space in New York. Parsley Health began as a tech-enabled, low-overhead, membership-based practice, which also made Dr. Berzin a key successful example in James Maskell’s first book, The Evolution of Medicine.
  2. As you will hear, she was responsible for establishing Parsley Health’s first 300 patients as their physician, but as the practice grew, she hired more clinicians, opened three physical locations and even initiated further telehealth services.
  3. Now, Parsley Health is the largest functional medicine clinic in the world. They have locations in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and they offer telemedicine services across all 50 states. They have over 40 doctors and have treated tens of thousands of patients.
  4. You will hear how Parsley Health fared, both positively and negatively, during the pandemic, and how it has recently established relationships with both insurance companies and employers. Currently, they are in-network for 10 million insured Americans.

What an incredible journey she’s had. There are so many lessons Dr. Berzin shares for practitioners and leaders at any stage of their organization development. We hope you can join us to learn from her inspiring and enlightening journey.

 September 11, 2023